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Hike Boots (Saddle Tan) Goodyear Welted

Hike Boots (Saddle Tan) Goodyear Welted

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Built for the rugged terrain our Hike boot is a beautiful combination of a heritage boot and a Adventure boot which offers sturdy built, great traction and comfort for all day wear.

Be it a mountain top or just a trail though the woods this wanderlust inspired boot will keep you safe and make you look good. 

Great boot for casual evening with the boys or your adventure filled journey.

These Heritage style Goodyear welted fully lined work Boots with Classic hiker boot hardware, cushioned ankle support and tongue, hand stitched Commando Rubber outsoles,  perfect for a rugged loving gentleman.

A pair of boots which would last you for years to come. Crafted out of full grain thick buffalo leather, hand stitched goodyear welting. A boot sturdy enough to beat any terrain.

Fully Leather Lined Boots.

Lightweight Hike boots that you can wear all day long, all weather boots great for summers or winters.


    • 5 0z (2mm) thick waxed buffalo leather upper.
    • 3 0z (1.4mm) thick leather lining.
    • 10 Oz (4mm) thick full vegetable tanned insole.
    • 7 Oz (3mm) thick full vegetable tanned handmade leather welt.
    • Steel Shank for durability and strength.
    • 100% natural Cork footbed for extra comfort.
    • 100% rubber Commando outsole for extra traction.
  • Damping Latex memory foam + Genuine Leather insole.
  • Waxed Nylon dual tone round laces.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Amazing Boots

Quality is top notch. Fit & finish is really good. Looks rugged and durable with luxury feel.

C&G needs to work on providing update to the customer about the progress and needs to change the delivery partner.

Rod Mahoney
Nice boots with one issue.

I like the look of the boots but there was an issue with the tongue on the left boot. It sits off to the left causing the tongue to fold slightly when I tie the boot. Even when I try and pull it straight, it shifts to the left during normal use. This is not a problem with the right boot so it must be a QA issue. Normally I would send it back but being that these boots are not a local (American) company, I don't have that option. I will take more time reading the return policy next time. Live and lean.

Don M.

The boots were perfect!!

Awsome Boots

I'm no fashion expert, but these boots make me feel like I'm ready to conquer anything. The craftsmanship is obvious, and while I was antsy about the delay in getting 'em, I can't really complain because they're top-notch. Whether it's a casual hangout or a legit hike, these boots are up for it!

Lightweight & Comfy

Listen up, people. These boots are legit. Yeah, I had to wait longer than expected, but when I put 'em on, it was like magic. Super lightweight and comfy, I practically lived in 'em during my camping trip. You can tell they're built to last, and that's what matters. Late delivery's forgivable when the product rocks!


All Day All Weather Boots

Crafted using super thick leather, and no unnecessary layers of materials these boots are unlined, light and breathable. Making them suitable for all weather conditions and comfortable enough to wear all day long


Natural Rubber Lug Commando Soles

Highest quality natural rubber sole with deep lugs for ultimate traction and abrasion. Stacked leather heels. Sole is handstiched to the welt. Great for outdoors and all day wearing.


Vegetable Tanned Leather Heel & Toe Counters

Toe box and heel counters are crafted out of thick vegetable tanned leather and dipped in industrial hardeners to keep your boot structured and durable for a lifetime.

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    Handpicking Leather, Tracing it & Cutting by Hands for making an upper.

  • boost-grid


    Stitching Upper Panels Together with Uttermost Precision & Detailing.

  • boost-grid


    Insole, the backbone of the boot is made from thickest vegetable tanned Leather.

  • boost-grid


    Upper is stretched & nailed to leather insole to mould the upper into a boot shape.

  • boost-grid


    Leather welt is stitched though the upper into the leather insole for durability.

  • boost-grid


    Steel shank is added & cavity is filled with cork footbed which shapes to your feet.

  • boost-grid


    A Natural rubber outsole with deep lugs is first cemented and hand stitched to the welt.

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    Stacked leather layers & rubber heel is nailed to the boot from inside & outside.

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    Full Grain Buffalo Leather Uppers

    For centuries leather is being stuffed with waxes & oils for preservation, to save it from water penetration and to develop a beautiful patina. We are keeping the tradition alive by recreating the formulation for modern uses but with same durability and traditional quality.

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    Durable Rubber Outsoles

    These super sturdy natural rubber soles have deep lugs, high traction, high flexibility and are water resistant, making them suitable for kinds of weather and terrains. Be it a hike or a casual day out with the boys these soles are ready for all your adventures.

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    Welt, Insole & Other Stuff

    Our welt, Insole & Heel stacks are all crafted out of thick vegetable tanned buffalo leather ensuring the highest quality. We use natural cork footbed, iron and brass nails. All these materials are top notch, super durable & natural ensuring a long lasting boot for years to come.


  • Crafted by Hands & with alot of Passion.

    Each product is meticulously hand crafted by a single artisan from start till finish. Taking great care of the finest of detailing.

  • Inspired From History

    All our materials and goods are inspired from the past. The goods are made for a single pourpose and to hold up for a long time.

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Why Full Grain Leather?

Only 3% of hides in the world are eligible to be graded as full grain leather which are suitable for natural aniline finish. Just like natural marble or real wood you are able to see natural grains, marks and texture unique to that very skin.

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